ISR Grossman+Gilad

Shmuel Grossman and Roy Gilad are partners in Grossman Cordova Gilad & Co. Law Offices, located in Haifa and Givatayim, Israel. The firm was noted by Globes Duns 100 rankings as an Israeli leader in maritime law.

Adv. Shmuel Grossman specializes in civil-commercial law, international trade, international forwarding, logistics, commercial transactions; member of the legal committee of the international forwarding organization FIATA. Legal advisor to the Association of Customs Agents and International Forwarders and many companies in international forwarding, import and export; Serves as an arbitrator and mediator for the courts. Until recently was Chairman of the Israeli Institute of Business Arbitrators at the Chambers of Commerce. email:

Adv. Roy Gilad specializes in civil-commercial law, international trade, maritime and aviation law, international forwarding, customs brokerage, international transportation, commercial transactions, contracts, international sales, maritime insurance, professional liability of service providers in global transportation and international trade and civil-commercial litigation; he represents international forwarding and customs brokerage companies, logistics companies, international insurance corporations, trading companies and commercial entities. email: