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Recent Articles

Interlegal Online Shipping + Trade Day

Arthur A. Nitsevych, Interlegal Ukraine Interlegal invites shipping & trade professionals to join our Online Shipping & Trade Day to discuss how to navigate the implications of COVID-19 upon our industry, how to be ready for Trade and Shipping indystry...


John Habergham, Myton Law, Hull U.K. This matter – all about passage planning and seaworthiness, has finally been decided by the Supreme Court. I couldn’t help feeling, reading the case, that it provides one of those examples where you think to yourself “How on earth...

Toxic Fire on ZIM Kingston near Victoria, Canada

Salvage operations continue after several containers, including possibly toxic material, caught fire aboard the MV Zim Kingston on Saturday October 23rd while anchored about 8km off shore near Victoria, British Colombia. Most of the Crew was evacuated promptly without...

Euronav NV v Repsol Trading SA

John Habergham, Myton Law, Hull U.K. This case must be of interest to those who conduct business internationally and which may involve a number of time zones around the world. Although it was a case dealing with the vessel owners’ claim for demurrage, it is of wider...

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