The updated 4th Edition of “Goods in Transit”, authored by our own Paul Bugden (London) and Dr. Simone Lamont-Black (Edinburgh), is now available for purchase from Sweet & Maxwell. 
ISBN:  9780414062108
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell

The subject matter of Goods in Transit is of increasing relevance as international trade and globalisation increase. The work gathers together and integrates in a unique, accessible and practical form many aspects of general commercial, shipping, contract, bailment, tort, property, agency and transport law in one place.

Considers key areas of contract, bailment, tort, property, sale of goods and banking law as relevant to the movement of goods

  • Deals with trans-national transportation rail, road, sea and air in the context of the various international transport conventions and multi-modal transport
  • Analyses in detail the law of agency and the law of bailment in the context of carriage of goods and international trade law
  • Examines the property elements in carriage of goods and international trade law
  • Analyses the multifarious complex domestic and international statutory and contractual liability regimes applicable to carriers and other bailees
  • Considers the various issues raised by outsourcing, logistics and project forwarding contracts

The Fourth Edition

  • Updates and expands the chapter on contracts to include much new analysis and many new cases
  • Introduces new sections on classification of contractual terms, third party vicarious performance, contractual notices and contractual determination and certification clauses
  • Expands the coverage of the duties of the bailee
  • Includes heavily rewritten sections on delegation and vicarious liability
  • Expanded sections on restitutionary remedies; including indemnity, contribution, subrogation and bribery
  • Provides more detailed coverage of the law as to causation and remoteness of damages in contract, bailment and tort
  • Introduces new sections on a number of various discrete aspects of damages claims; including damages for delay and a detailed consideration of various important aspects of risk allocation and transfer
  • Expands the coverage on the topics of letters of credits, bonds, guarantees and payment generally
  • Revises the chapter on illegality to deal with the recent Supreme Court cases
  • Cites many important new cases decided since the third edition, including notably:
    • Magellan Spirit ApS v Vitol SA “Magellan Spirit” [2016] EWHC 454 (Comm)
    • Glencore International AG v MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA  [2015] EWHC 1989 (Comm)
    • Spar Shipping AS v Grand China Logistics Holding (Group) Co, Ltd [2015] EWHC 718 (Comm)
    • Cavendish Square Holding BV v Talal El Makdessi [2015] UKSC 67
    • Glory Wealth Shipping PTE Ltd v Flame S.A. [2016] EWHC 293 (Comm)
    • Eclairs Group Ltd and Glengary Overseas Ltd v JKX Oil & Gas plc [2015] UKSC 71
    • Braganza v BP Shipping Ltd [2015] UKSC 17, [2015]
    • Hayward v Zurich Insurance Company plc [2016] UKSC 48
    • MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA v Cottonex Anstalt [2016] EWCA Civ 789
    • Zurich Insurance PLC UK Branch v International Energy Group Ltd [2015] UKSC
    • Sea Shepherd UK v Fish & Fish Ltd [2015] UKSC 10
    • Fulton Shipping Inc of Panama v Globalia Business Travel S.A.U. (The New  Flamenco) [2015] EWCA Civ 1299
    • Spliethoff’s Bevrachtingskantoor BV v Bank of China Ltd [2015] EWHC 999 (Comm)
    • Geden Operations Ltd v Dry Bulk Handy Holdings Inc (M/V Bulk Uruguay) [2014] EWHC 885 (Comm)
    • NYK Bulkship (Atlantic) NV v Cargill International SA [2016] UKSC 20
    • Patel v Mirza [2016] UKSC 42
    • Versloot Dredging BV  v HDI Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG  [2016] UKSC 45
    • MT Hojgaard AS v E.ON Climate and Renewables UK Robin Rigg East Ltd [2017] UKSC 59
    • Mitsui & Co Ltd & Ors v Beteiligungsgesellschaft LPG Tankerflotte MBH & Co KG [2017] UKSC 68
    • Gard Marine and Energy Ltd & Anor v China National Chartering Company Ltd [2017] UKSC 35