Interlegal defended interests of thyssenkrupp Materials Trading GmbH – creditor under the court proceedings against the Ukrainian company – debtor.

Кiev Court of Appeal left in force the ICAC at the UCCI Award on debt recovery for goods supply. Interlegal lawyers justified once more lawfulness of the arbitration award, the proceedings on enforcement whereof will be held later by the competent court.

Having performed their plan aimed at defense of the client’s violated rights, Interlegal lawyers, following the stage of arbitration and court proceedings upon cancelling the arbitration award, reached the final stage – we hope to announce its successful results as soon as possible.

Interlegal associate lawyer Mikhail Selivanov, lawyer Irina Yakimovskaya, under the supervision of senior associate Karyna Gorovaya, not only facilitate defense of the client’s interests in debt recovery, but also performed effectively their strategy in practice, aimed at combatting the debtor’s attempt to commit procedural diversions in order to delay court proceedings.


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